I Totally Banged Kim Kardashian!

It Is been an issue that is been inquired throughout the Net for months now, with these 2 regularly seen out, around and even grinding in the nightclub.

The rap artist has ever refused the love affair every time it is come up, frequently referring to Khloe as a "sister" and declaring the pair are simply pals.


Possibly thus, despite rumours to the contrary. However there is still another member of the well-known family with whom The Sport had not been constantly platonic:

Kim Kardashian! He thoroughly exploied that!

The Sport: I Dated Kim Kardashian!
Game isn't the initial guy Kim gave it up to, even when this holds true.

See who took Kim Kardashian's vcard in the gallery under, in addition to six other celebs whose first loves might surprise you … or less:

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