'Inexpensive Thrills' Preview Supplies Us With... Well Think What?

Well, somebody made a film just like that. It's called Inexpensive Antics and, like Homer in that bout of The Simpsons, our direct character Craig - performed by Pat Healy - is desperate for money and can stoop reduced to get it.
Unlike that bout of The Simpsons, however, Inexpensive Thrills requires a darkish turn, leaving our protagonist with small choice but to do what he's informed.

Craig's lifestyle isn't heading nicely.

Craig's jobless, if didn't come through. His pal Vince (Ethan Embry) - as virtually all pals do in these forms of black comedies - indicates becoming intoxicated is most likely the correct response.

"It is unlike something else I've been requested to do before, which peaked my interest. The script is actually dynamite, and can also be a genuine page turner. There wasn't a fictitious second in the script. It's a film that pulls you in as well as engages you.
View the Cheap Thrills preview here

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